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Description of the duties of the Management and Planning Organization of the province

  • Coordination and management of the planning system of the province within the framework of the planning system of the country .
  • Review, preparation and formulation of long-term, medium-term and short-term economic, social and cultural development plans of the province .
  • Preparation and compilation of the province's land management plan within the framework of the national planning criteria of the country in accordance with the capacities and geographical facilities of the province
  • Reviewing, preparing and compiling executive plans and policies for employment and investment in the province
  • Development and equipping of Staniba resources with emphasis on eliminating dependence on oil and gas revenues .
  • Preparation and regulation, distribution, notification, exchange of agreements and allocation of credits of the province within the framework of rules, circulars and instructions of the annual budget .
  • Monitoring and evaluating the program and budget of the province .
  • Supervise the implementation of national and provincial development and technical projects (acquisition of capital assets) and report on the progress of programs and evaluate them.
  • Reviewing and determining the qualification, ranking and evaluation of contractors, consultants and experts of the province and upgrading and strengthening their quantitative and qualitative capacity
  • Managing the development of management and human capital at the level of the executive organs of the province .
  • Leading the establishment of e-government, productivity cycle and new management systems in the province .
  • Comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of performance management, including programs, policies, processes, activities and projects in the province .
  • Supervising the implementation of the technical and executive system, developing technical criteria and standards in the province .
  • Leading and implementing statistical activities within the framework of the statistical system of the country, preparing a map and presenting the spatial information of the province .
  • Performing the duties authorized in Article (44) of the Law on Adding Materials to the Law on Regulating a Part of the Government Financial Regulations (2) approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly in March 2015 and the secretary of the Planning and Development Council and the Technical Council of the province .
  • Capacity building to use public-non-governmental participation mechanisms in the implementation of projects in the province


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